Signs of Codependency. Have You Experienced This?

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Codependency can be disguised as a sweet and caring person. However, the need to fix other people’s problems stems from trauma. If they focus on others they won’t have as much time to focus on themself.

They’re great at reading people to find those that look like they need help. They tend to attract the same type of person that they feel they can fix to make themself feel better, but the cycle leaves them feeling worse.

A lot of times they’ll get angry when their people-pleasing skills fail and they can’t manipulate or control the person they’re trying to help. Boundaries are a trigger to the codependent and they’re great at overstepping them.

There’s a lot more to the codependent. Bottom line is that healing is needed. It’s easier to focus on helping other people to feel valued vs walking through pain to get to healing and knowing your God-given identity.

Misty Armstrong


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