Remnant Voice Podcast
Remnant Voice Podcast
Proof God Is Real w/ Dr. Daniel King

Daniel was called into the ministry when he was five years old and began to preach when he was six. His parents became missionaries to Mexico when he was ten. Daniel spent the next thirteen years ministering in Mexico alongside his parents. When he was fourteen he started a children’s ministry that gave him the opportunity to minister in some of America’s largest churches while he was still a teenager. At fifteen he set a goal to lead a million people to Jesus before the age of thirty and with God’s help, he accomplished that goal.

He has recently become alarmed about the rise in Atheism across the United States. Instead of sitting back and waiting for someone to do something, he has taken action and created a comprehensive book and curriculum designed to prove God is real.
As a result, he has been able to help many young people from straying from Christ. He is well known for his evangelistic crusades across the globe and the Evangelism Podcast. He has appeared on God
T.V., TBN, Day Star, and numerous radio programs and has been featured
in Charisma magazine.

His book, Proof God is Real is a book to be used alongside the study
guide Proof God is Real the Study Guide
which is designed to help young people know why they believe.

Contact Info:
King Ministries International
PO Box 701113 Tulsa, OK 74170-1113
USA Product Hotline: 1-877-431-4276


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