Making Light Of It


The supernatural realm is very real and appeals to many people. Somehow it’s downplayed and even rejected by many believers. When people access this realm through any other way besides Jesus, they’re operating in the counterfeit and demonic. Remember the angel of light.
Has anyone ever said they are thankful that the universe died for them? It’s easier to live for the flesh and follow a creed that says to do whatever makes you happy. That’s straight from the satanic bible. When living for the very much hated Jesus, we’re required to crucify our flesh daily. We have a perverted perception of love, and many in the church operate in hate. This doesn’t reflect Jesus at all. Those people are wrong. Instead of celebrating the freedom Jesus provides, people get angry that He doesn’t accept their sins.
We have settled for a gospel that speaks to itching ears, which has reduced God to nothing short of a genie in a magic lamp. If the body truly lived Jesus’s John 17 prayer others would see and believe. However, the enemy runs a lot of churches these days with division, competition, control, compromise, and mammon. No wonder the world would rather live for itself.
It will take a people pursuing God and the fullness of His truth that will enable His power to be put on display. These people won’t dare take His glory or try to hide the supernatural.
So, don’t worry about or focus on how dark the darkness is. That’s how it’s supposed to be. We’re to focus on the Light and Kingdom inside of us to overcome the great darkness. Let faith arise and cultivate excitement for the time we’re living in. If “greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world” isn’t true in my life then I’m doing something wrong. If Jesus had to spend time away every day with His Father then we must as well. Abiding in Him and His word is the only way we’ll overcome.

Misty Armstrong


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